Complete Book of Discipleship

If you are a Christian and live in a Western Society culture, this book might make you feel like you’ve finally come up out of the water of confusion regarding what is a Christian actually supposed to do, and just gasped your first deep, anxiety relieving breath.

For me, so far (chapter one) this book has already provided understandable resolution regarding the formation and resistance of spiritual growth for the Christian individual and community. Continue reading


Identify the adjustments you need to make to develope what you are learning.

This was question #4 in challenges of chapter 2 of Breaking the Missional Code. As my answer, I searched for websites with Youth Pastors and ministries offering advice  regarding the success of their ministry. What I found was a great website,, that was choc full of interviews and accessible tips.  Here are some of the stand out links with notes I was taking along the way. Continue reading

Breaking the Missional Code – Book Study


The churched population of North America is decreasing – this is due to a failure to understand and flex with the changing cultural atmosphere of your local culture/community. Emphasis on the fact that each area has a different community culture, therefore each area will need unique attention and effort invested in breaking it’s missional code. Continue reading