A picture of John Coltrane.

Nunc Dimittis

You may have heard the famous story of the legendary jazz saxophone musician John Coltrane of whom it was said, during a live performance of A Love Supreme, “every last ounce of his skill and musicianship seemed to come together in an absolutely magical performance. Just that one time, he was even better than the best. Everything about that performance was sublime, and when he’d finished, as he walked offstage, his drummer heard him breathe two words: “Nunc dimittis”.” Continue reading


A Shepherd Sheep

Maybe the most difficult aspect of vocational ministry to understand is the apparent paradox of sheep shepherding sheep. After all, aren’t we all just sheep following the one good shepherd, Jesus? But even a quick overview of scripture shows the reason why, and God’s devotion to, sending shepherd sheep to tend the flock. His precious people. Continue reading

Mill stone.

A Sober Call

The big day has arrived. Your wife is in labour with your first child. As she grimaces under the stress of contraction pain you burst through the doors of the hospital racing through your memory for instructions about where to go and who to talk to. After settling your wife down, in a cold clinical room you are informed that your family doctor is unavailable (on holidays). What now?  Continue reading