I think I might start blogging.

I was grabbing a Coffee at the local cafe Nesbitt’s when a local pan-handler asking for a phone call inspired a conversation between another patron and I. His name was Jason, an experienced social worker from Victoria, settling down in Campbell River. Our shared interest in the shape past and future of the homeless and substance addicted people of Western Canada navigated us through a good story-sharing session before we suddenly realized the time and parted ways.

He surprised me by asking if I have a blog for recording and publishing my experiences. “I do” I replied, and gave him the web-address. Moments later, I realized that upon visiting my blog, Jason would find something more like the diary of a 21st century monk than a blog of experiences.

My blog get’s little more than 10 unique visits a week sometimes, much less. I’ve never really considered it a place to publish articles, but more-a-less an online journal. But my conversation with Jason from Nesbitt’s coffee has inspired me to take my blog a little more seriously.

I think I might start blogging!


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