If you’ve noticed that I’ve slowed down my entries, and actually haven’t blogged at all in a while you may have thought I was taking a break for the holidays…  nope. I’m changing my devo style to better match my current season of spiritual growth.

For 2010 this blog site served to record all my devo’s, journaling and studies. While these were all good for the time they were happening I feel I’m being drawn to a different style of meditation and I’ll explain why: Everything recorded on this website was a sort of regurgitation of my thoughts. Writing it down and keeping it on record helped me to examine myself and monitor my growth. You might find that much of what I’ve recorded on here in the last 12 months is not that helpful, or sometimes not even true at all. Don’t worry – I’ve noticed some of that too. I haven’t removed it because it offers me a reflection of my own imperfection and gives practical reason to humble myself. Haha. Nothing like publicly exposed records of your mistakes for humility eh.
The major problem with this way of doing devotionals, meditation and study is that I was spending more of my time focused on my own opinions, and less of my time actually listening to God’s words. I found my records of spritual growth showing that I was fairly inward focused. Lots of my comments were coming out of a self-righteous attitude rather than a kingdom focused attitude.

What will change? As I have been reading and taking advice from Jesus, the apostles and some of histories other “spiritual giants” I’ve noticed a some areas of devotion and meditation that they emphasize, that I have minimized. They are; quite meditation on scripture and prayer, prayer, prayer. Prayer is something that I have seriously minimized, and regretfully, to my detriment. These two things seem to be like Spiritual supplement for the people in History who have been powerful, humble and glorifying to God and I will to do the same.

My blog entries will probably decrease. If not, they will definitely change in format. They are more likely to look like letters to an audience rather than letters to myself. They may be messages that I intend to preach or just an expression of something I find exciting or interesting.

So that’s it from me now. I would love to hear from anyone reading my blog. Comments, dis-agreements, encouragement and most definitely questions!


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