It’s been a while.

So it’s been a while since my last visit to this blog. Things got a little crazy and I needed to prioritize my time a little differently, leaving my blog updates on the wayside. PTL–things have settled down a bit and I am going to try and leave a mark on the www on a weekly if not daily basis again.Here’s just a couple of reminders why I do this.

  1. Primarily, I use this blog to record my bible study time spent alone with God, so that I have a permanent and accessible copy to the most valuable bible study moments whenever and where ever I am.
  2. The systematization and recording of my bible studies helps me to structure and stay consistent to my commitment to looking deeply into the word of God on a daily basis.
  3. The main purpose of having a record of my bible study is to monitor and measure my spiritual growth. I often write things in this blog that I later disagree with, but that is okay, because it helps me track my spiritual maturity.
  4. I occasionally leave journals and rants on my blog for the same reasons that I record my bible studies–it helps me track my maturity
  5. This blog can also function as a hub point for thought that I can share by easily sending a link.
  6. In bible studies, journals and rants I often pray – which is also often recorded. Seeing, coming back to and remembering these prayers is often the most transparent way of reviewing my maturity and is also encouraging for me to remember heart issues with hindsight after God has dealt with them.
  7. Blogging is also helpful for growth in writing.

So. I will persist with keep this blog/bible study/journal. Admitedly at times it can be seemingly meaningless and overly cumbersome, but before long I begin to remember it’s worth and return to continue the good habit.


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