4. Discuss Resolution

The Discipleship/Evangelism Dilemma.

  • Evangelism/Discipleship mind map
  • Youth group/Youth church
    Youth church’s primary component is Christian lifestyle. A place where all illegitimate barriers are broken. People are easily invited and comfortable. Christian lifestyle is on display and the love is thick in the air.
    Youth group’s primary component is Community. Focused discipleship in a doing life environment.  Singing, learning, studying, counselling, encouraging, exhorting, rebuking, accountability, eating, serving, communion, laughing, fun stuff together.  Building relationships and character that effectively communicates Christ. EQUALS Christian lifestyle.

The Inevitable Culture Paradigm.

  • The easiest and most common mistake in the book for religious people is to become so religious that we don’t need God anymore! ★Mat 23:15
  • We need to be growing in our understanding of the Gospel! ★Philippians 3:8
  • Growing means changing, changing is uncomfortable.  We need to lay down our preferences. We need to step out of our comfort zone.

The Forgetful Redeemed.

  • We forget how evil sin is, and we shamelessly add to the hell-born punishment the perfect prince of peace suffers for us.
  • We forget how bad hell is, and everyone we see who hasn’t called upon the name of Jesus God’s son is going there.
  • We forget how good God is, everyday, more and more, until something reminds us.
  • We forget how forgetful we are, and our songs, reading, prayer, all become routine.



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