4. Define the Challenges

The Discipleship/Evangelism Dilemma.

The Inevitable Culture Paradigm.

  • Most popular music artist of 2009(.41). We definitely have a cultural paradigm!
  • Our paradigm can be barrier! Without understanding the difference between the gospel and our paradigm half the battle will be trying to convert people to CRBC-anity. Examples of barriers; music style, clothing style, prayer style, study style, cultural taboos.
  • Be aware that you do have a limited paradigm: Protected upbringing, negative/positive experiences, education, job, religious/ethical foundation
  • What you win them with, is what you win them to. So what are we supposed to win them to?

The Forgetful Redeemed.

  • We forget how evil sin is, and we shamelessly add to the hell-born punishment the perfect prince of peace suffers for us.
  • We forget how bad hell is, and everyone we see who hasn’t called upon the name of Jesus God’s son is going there.
  • We forget how good God is, everyday, more and more, until something reminds us.
  • We forget how forgetful we are, and our songs, reading, prayer, all become routine.

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