3. What are you hungry for?

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2 thoughts on “3. What are you hungry for?

  1. More music
    – Without isolation
    – Most people who have never known Jesus will feel isolated during worship music
    – Overflow style was good. Monthly/weekly
    – Music, temporal, can’t be just in the moment, must be accommodated by a lasting challenge.
    – Emotional “conversion” must be followed up
    – Who contacts a convert for follow up?
    – Leadership students weren’t committed to follow up!

    – Must be committed and must be making “friends” among the un-reached

    A passion for Jesus!
    – An authentic committed to Jesus
    – An unabashed desire to share Jesus in and out of Christian community

    A need for substantial factual information.
    – Good theology
    – Reasonable
    – Standing firm on truth.
    – Institute a place for teaching good theology
    – Institute a place for loving people who don’t love God,

    – Give a little testimony
    – We want to know each other

    – Starts with the little flame and fans out
    – Sudden influx of repentance

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