Crazy Sarcastic Rebuke at Rock★Youth “pastors” & my response.

Check out this crazy article first!

I replied back to the author.  He probably wont read it, however it will serve as a reminder to myself and other readers not to be so cavalier when rebuking brothers in the wrong.

Here is my reply

Dude… hurts to read…

I stumbled across this looking for successful youth ministry applications.  If it wasn’t written in such sarcastic language I would assume this was a hard hearted conservative fundamentalist hating on overpaid, milk drinking, under schooled, youth leader/rockstar types.

I definitely think you’ve over emphasized a couple of preferential points. I’ll expand.

DUMB DOWN THE GOSPEL  Yeah, no argument  on this point… Why would anyone want to dull down the most glorious romance action history has every experienced.

2) COUNT  There’s nothing wrong with counting, after all we’re working to win as many to Christ as possible. Counting becomes dangerous and idolatrous when used to define success.

3) PUT YOUR STUDENTS ON DISPLAY.  It is good to celebrate the lost son coming home! It reminds your students why the youth group exists, and encourages in every area of their life.

4) DONT ALLOW DOWN TIMECan’t really argue that one can I? Sad truth, would like to find the cure… even in my own life…

5) STAY ON THE TECHNOLOGICAL CUTTING EDGE.  Technology is not the devil.  Thanks to the cutting edge technology of the 1500’s bibles were translated and distributed widescale and tens of thousands were convicted daily in their houses by the God breathed word of life – providing they could read.  Today the same revolution has re-evolved this time the distribution is global, the fruition is in the 10’s of millions, and you don’t even need to be literate to receive it.  This is thanks to God’s gracious redemption of Internet, and other A/V medias. Again, technology is not the problem, the idolatrous hearts of unrepentant men are.

6) CREATE CELEBRITIES. You seem to be alternating your solid satirical illustrations with your hateful sarcasm… this point is rock solid… there is one hero… Jesus.

7) LET YOUTH GROUP TAKE THE PLACE OF CHURCH. Your point is allowing the youth to form a segregated culture is about the opposite of what heaven’s gonna look like.  Good call.  But your message is kinda starting to sound like…  “ADOLECENT PEOPLE ARE EVIIIILLLL!!!! WHY CAN’T THEY BE NORMAL LIKE THE REST OF US????

8) TOW THE PARENTAL LINE. After point number one, this is your most valid point.  Love it!

9) IGNORE THE ARTS.  What???  Where the heck are you? Most youth groups are better at understand and appreciating multiple cultures than their parental congregation. Honestly… where do you live?

10. LIVE IN THE NOW. Good. Any youth “pastor” living and working like this is going to feel the fire now or later. ” 1 Cor 9:16 – Yet when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, for I am compelled to preach. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!”

11.  Not gonna bother.

Anyways dude.  Sarcasm is a hard striking and effective way to make appoint, which is probably why the bible uses it so often.  However when thing the prophets, Jesus and the apostles did do that you didn’t is speak in the Authority of God, and offer the solution of repentance at the end.

If you’re not careful to provide a compassionate solution as did our Glorious God, you are more likely to offend and compel defensiveness than encourage and compel change.

Otherwise, thanks for pointing out some of the serious dysfunctions of todays popular youth ministries. Something we can all use as a mirror to reflect our own flaws.


4 thoughts on “Crazy Sarcastic Rebuke at Rock★Youth “pastors” & my response.

  1. I read the original article.
    The I thought it was interesting that you wanted to defend the things that he was making fun of.

    He pointed out in the very beginning that it was an exaggerating to get the point across. His article is very stirring but I think it’s good that someone put it out there to get people thinking, like you have.

    I think youth groups definitely have little faith that God is interesting enough to keep the kids at youth. And they shouldn’t be looking at whether he’s interesting or not anyway, they should be focusing on making people realize our place in the world and what we can do for God, not what God’s got to offer us. And why we should WANT to get involved for God.

    And that’s why they use loud music, jumping castles, skate ramps and other crazy adrenalin pumping techniques. There’s definitely not enough small intimate groups getting deep into the scriptures.

  2. I read it. Just tired of trying to help people see what’s actually being said, that’s all. 🙂

    But for what it’s worth, I didn’t write it. Mike Yaconelli, the founder of Youth Specialties, wrote it years ago.

    • Hey Tim, I really didn’t think you were going to read. but I’m glad you did and quite flattered!!
      Although if I had known I would have been a little more encouraging and less forward with all my critical comments.

      I did go on to find your website extremely informative and useful. You’ll probably find me referencing you (in a positive light) a fair bit.

      Really appreciate what your doing!!!

      Typed this while test ing out the iPad At future shop!!!

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