Mission Calling Vision

This is a note I took a few weeks ago to help me clarify where I am heading missionally.MISSION.

Although there were many contributing factors, the main purpose for Maggie and I coming to Campbell River has been clear; to serve as missionaries as a salt and light.  Since arriving in Campbell River our united and individual callings have become much more clear as well.


Through daily study, prayer and devotion, fellowship and service I’ve become confident in my calling toward the Youth Ministry in Campbell River.  My calling was not something that suddenly dawned on me but rather something that was gradually revealed as I asked God for direction and purpose as his servant.  In the midst of God revealing my calling he walked me through some important wisdom lessons.

Some of the very important lessons are; the importance of and my place in ordained authority, the importance of behavioural context and tact, the importance of devoted study and prayer, the importance of my subjection, humility, and involvement in a community of faith, the importance of the gospel over religion/morality, and above all lessons, the importance of love in ministry.

I have been involved in youth ministry for most of my life from my teen years. However in recent times, as I continue to seek God’s will for my life with passionate desperation, I am finding that the gifts I have always had that work in the Youth Ministry realm are now overwhelmed by a burden for the lost and weak sheep of Campbell River.  The burden God has given me isn’t strictly the youth however, the task he has set my hand on has clearly settled in my heart for youth ministry and I am thankful for it.
Define and pursue the purpose of a “Youth Ministry” in Campbell River. I firmly believe that a youth ministry is not a christian daycare for teens as it has sometimes been mistaken for in the past.  I would submit that there are three overarching responsibilities of the local youth ministry.
1. Partner with christian parents to pursue their own teens with devotion.  It is the responsibility of the parent to nurture, feed and prune the growth of their own child, it is the Youth Minister’s responsibility to help the parent do that well.
2. Disciple believing teens in worship: Evangelism, gifts, holy living, devotion.
3. Create a safe, effective environment for unsaved youth to enquire & learn about the God of the bible, to become involved in and enjoy a community of faith, to hear and respond to the gospel, and to be discipled in the loving community of the local church.

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