Do you really know the gospel?

2 Cor 5:15
And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him..

– So who is it for? Did Jesus die for our sake, or so that we would live for him.

Mat 6:26 the sparrows
Mat 7:9 what father, when his son
1 Cor 2:9 no eye has seen nor ear heard.
Mat 13:43 they will shine like the sun on the kingdoms of his glory
Romans 8:13 he will give us all things

I want to boast about Jesus to you all.
I want you all to know that I come here, because I love Jesus! I love Jesus because of what he did for me and what he is doing for me everyday. I love you because Jesus shows me what love is and when I think of how Jesus loved me it makes me want to love you.
I really love Jesus! I love him and I want to be just like him because he is so good.
Do you really know Jesus?
I know a lot of you go to church, or another youth group or the Christian school, and you already know a lot about Jesus. But has anyone ever asked you – do you really know him?
~~~I want you to know the Gospel of Jesus Christ that CHANGES lives.~~~
So here is my question.
Do you really know the Gospel? Is your life really being changed and effected by the all powerful, all knowing, all loving God?
Paul Washer Semi Trailer Story
Stan asked me to make the small group work sheets this week which I love to do so I want you to imagine this: I walk into youth and Stan says, “Can I take a look at the small group sheets that you made” and I say to him.
“I’m sorry Stan, I really wanted to make the sheets but as I was crossing the road to the office to print them off I dropped my iPhone in the middle of the road, and I wasn’t really thinking so I just leaned down to grab it and didn’t see that there was a big semi trailer coming at about 80KM and when I looked up just in time to see it come and it hit me full speed right in my face. But I’m here now and I’ll just print them off in your office now if you like”
He would say to me. “Ben that is a lie! You’re lying to me right now, and there’s no way you can expect me to believe that.”
I might say “Well I don’t understand, I just told you what happened, I got hit by a truck that’s all!”
And stan would say to me “There is no possible way you can encounter something as strong and powerful as a semi-trailer and not be changed.”
No-one can have an encounter with the living God and not be changed.
Do you really know the Gospel? Because if you do, you just can’t hide it!
And the worst thing, I can possibly think of happening right here is that you think you know the Gospel, and you think it’s okay. Or even if you think it’s pretty good. If that’s you then you don’t really know the full Gospel.
This is the Gospel.
God, the Holy creator of the universe, who is worthy of all praise, the most glorious and good and perfect dad, created us so that we would fill all our desire in him. But in selfishness we ignored him, we wanted to be our own God. We took God out of the pictureand like the prodigal son, wanted Our dad’s stuff, but we didn’t want him.
But God is a God of justice, and treating a Holy and Glorious God like rubbish is the hardest crime of all!
So Because God is just he could not let this crime go unpunished, his powerful wrath burned against everyone who loved his stuff but ignored him!
But even while his wrath burned, he still loved us because he is a God of love. He created us to enjoy him and he still wans us to enjoy him He still wants us to join him in his house because he knows how much we’ll love it. He knows that if we could get over ourselves, we would down in pleasure of his glory. So he did the unimaginable!
The glorious God of heaven and earth who is worthy of only the best royal treatment, came down here with us. He stepped into our mess – Jesus Christ – God in the form of a man. Not just to clean it up, but to take the punishment for all the crimes we committed against God.
We hated God by loving things that weren’t even close to as good as he is. And the punishment for that is to take all his stuff away from us, and let us do the rest of eternity without him just like we wanted.
And Jesus Christ, as God who came to earth, the perfect son of the King, worthy of all his praise and honour chooses not to honour himself, but to honour us – the ungrateful sinners who deny him. The beautiful chooses to die for the ugly, the strong chooses to die for the weak, the perfect chooses to die for the criminals, the good son dies for the bad sons – so that we might enjoy, all the riches, and glory and honour that he deserves!
And now all that punishment that would have taken each one of us an eternity to pay off – he paid for in 3 days. Jesus was resurrected and now he is back to love us for an eternity. And we can live forever knowing that we live in the most beautiful house, eating the most beautiful food, wearing the most beautiful clothes and living the most beautiful lives because of that man Jesus!

God adopts bad kids into a good family.

***(Scared of what you will lose)
Some of you here are worried that if you submit to God, life isn’t going to be quite as good.

In mat 13 it says that our faces will shine like the sun in his kingdom. So I want you to imagine a bride or a groom on there wedding day, just so happy that their faces are shining.
Even in that glorified state, you will never ever ever never ever, sufficient in yourself to satisfy your soul. BecAuse your soul was made for God! You could stand infrobt of the biggest mirror, and never be satisfied because the image being reflected is you in all your flaws. But staring straight into the glory of God will bring you a joy that you can compare. And I want you to know that joy.

So next time you eat an Oreo, praise the Lord, you don’t have to do it out loud but I doubt God will mind if you do. Next time you enjoy anything at all, just praise the lord. And fellas if you see a beautiful girl, an your kind of Stunned fir a moment. Don’t try and hide that thought from God, just praise and say thank you God for the beautiful things in life. You are so creative, and I think you’ve done an outsandong
Job on that girl. And father I am looking foreward to heaven, because if you cN create such wonderful things, and you say no eye, no ear… “then I am really excited about loving you!
Click here for small group sheet


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