Changing it up a little.

Well, as can be noticed – my bible studies and journals have been seriously lacking lately.  Since Jack’s wedding, my bible reading and prayer have been pretty lacking as well.  So I’ve decided to change my method up a little to get some momentum. The method I had gone with before was to read a book of the bible, and then to go back and break it down with comments and questions and make a not of each.  I went from 1 Corinthians to 1 Timothy, but now I’m having trouble being consistent with my method.  The reason being that constantly stopping and starting is kinda taking the fun out of reading the bible.  So I’m going to start just reading it again.  No notes.  Eventually, once I’m having more fun with it I’m sure my notes will come again.

Also, by taking notes, I was shifting a lot of the focus of my devo time to; what I have to say about the bible and not really what the bible has to say about me.  Hopefully changing up my method a bit is going to encourage me to absorb it a little more.

The method change is also going to be better for my prayer life as I was struggling to devote a good space of time in prayer because study notes would take so long.

Yesterday was the first day of the method change.  I read through 2 Timothy, and today I’ve read through Titus.  To be honest, I don’t think I am drawing out as much information – however I am loving the books and I’m excited to go on.

Lastly, I hope that by taking less time on study notes, I will have at least a little more time for actual life journaling when it’s appropriate.  My life journaling has been pretty absent most days, and I would like to give a little more devotion to that, to capture the lessons and experiences of each day in type, and compare and learn from them in future.


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