God provides, and he will keep providing.

Haven’t written a journal in a very long time!  Part of the reason has been my extremely business lately, and the chances I do get to sit down, I usually have devoted to bible.

One of the things that weighed heavy on my agenda in recent weeks is my brothers wedding, including billeting a couple fo guests including dad..  Another is the call for immediate attention being paid to our financial situation.  Another is the amount of thought and energy I have had to output over the consideration of the internship pending with Stan at CRBC. But despite my absence, much has happened and it is for sure, too much for me to possibly get through in one journal entry.

The blessings from God in the past month have been FUN! That’s not usually the word I use for a blessing, but lately, God has blessed me and my family with things that are obviously good and easy to boast about.  It has been GREAT! I don’t have enough time to tell the story of each, but I’ll try my best.

  1. HEAT.  Our house was cold and we couldn’t afford heating.  Our shampoo was freezing in the shower.  We prayed and were blessed  with 2 bar heaters, that have kept the house at 19-20˚ since!
  2. MONEY & FOOD.  We were low on c ash and couldn’t afford good food, or other things like soap.  We were blessed with money, gift cards and bags of food.
  3. BILLS.  Our credit bills in Australia were racking up in a very scary way, and we were close to default.  We received a call from Citi (our biggest debt) and they gave us a $1000 discount, took off our late fees (I think) and brought our rate down from 17.99% to 6%.  And they put us on a low repayment plan. WOOT!
  4. VEHICLE.  We were looking for a new vehicle, knowing that we couldn’t afford one.  My truck was falling apart and I even prayed that God would give it an eternal supply of gas.  The next morning it wouldn’t start (praise the Lord!)  When I arrived at work, mum informed me that her and Brian had spoken and decided to let me use the Honda Civic until it is sold.  PRAISE THE LORD!
  5. FREELANCE WORK.  Money has bee incredibly tight and only looks tighter for the future.  God has provided a realistic way for second income with Scotty N. doing website building under the parent company of Faith Computing.

Stan and I met last Thursday to talk about the specifics of the internship and whether or not it was a legitimate option for me.  Here is the outcome.

  • At $700 a month, I will work Mondays, Thursdays, Tuesday afternoons, and Sundays.
  • Stan wants me to complete a school program that will get me a certifiable formal education.  This will cost, and may not be possible on my visa, depending on the schools limitations.
  • Days that I am not working at the church, mum wants me working at the office.  This leaves me about $300 short of my regular income.
  • I have made plans and have already starting business with Scotty N. doing websites – this should make up for loose ends in my cash flow.
  • If all of the above work well, it will create one giant problem. Time Management. It has never been my forte, and the schedule dictated by the criteria above is h-e-c-t-i-c.  Not only will I have to strive to acheive all of the above.  But I also must strive harder to maintain a Godly family life.  This includes having a baby in late Aug, early September.

This is only possible by the power and grace of God.  He is the one who has called me to do this impossible thing!  At this point I am unsure of whether or not he has called me to it so that I might succeed and win many for Christ.  Or whether it is so I might fail, and be humbled, and learn another valuable lesson in worship.  Either or, I know I must pursue what God has laid before me, and it is my honor to walk to the path he has provided regardless of the terrain it leads me through.
I am very excited and extremely nervous.  I’m looking to God with a hope that pleas absolute dependency – I must admit, I really enjoy that part, although the part where my wife cries herself to sleep and she realizes the difficulty of the path ahead.  That bit I hate.  Oh God give us grace to please you with our willing hearts.


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