First time preaching in front of a crowd.


On Sunday, Stan gave me a call to let me know he was going to be to busy to organize Jr Youth, and he asked me to prepare the small group sheet (and then later he asked that I might bring the message).  This was very exciting for me so I got started.

I went to the office to design the sheet to send to Stan.  I had already told Stan that I plan on talking about ‘Walking in the Spirit’ to follow on from last weeks conversation about the difficulties of growing up and going into the next grade.  So I prayed and meditated and felt led to Romans 6-12.  I didn’t read the whole thing, but I read where I had marked out before.  The Father lead me to bring a message based on worship vs idolatry.  The final message being “How do we know when we are walking in the Spirit? We have a desire to worship!”. You can view it here. The small group sheet here.

Amongst all my feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, and nerves the Spirit reassured me with a note:  Ben, you are not worthy to bring this message, the people are not worthy to hear it, but God is worthy to give it. How can I argue with that?

I practiced the message and did it in a bout 15 minutes.  Stan said I had about 10 minutes.  And because the games went on longer than timed for, I had to do it 7 minutes. The kids were so distracted at first that I really had only about 5 minutes to get the point across.


In my small group the boys were of chops.  It took them a while to settle down of course, but once we really got into it, they were floored!  They were really challenged to think of whether they are really living a life of faith or not.  A couple of kids who are usually a trouble makers were totally taken back.  I could see that they were going home with a lot to think about. WOOT!  I love the look on peoples faces when they realize for a second, just how great God is, and how much we ignore him.  Oh what a dramatic love story he has us in.
Maggie said she had great results in her group too!  PRAISE THE LORD!

Father thanks for the opportunity to bring your word, and please continue to work on Jr Youth kids through the week AMEN!


One thought on “First time preaching in front of a crowd.

  1. Bringing the Word of God to people never turns up fruitless. It does not return to God void. Properly preached, the word brings glory to God. Awesome opportunity, bro…hey…down the road, there may be opportunity to fill in for me (if God decides to use me to plant a church here). Cheers.

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