Incomparable Hope

Pastor Randy Evans. The hope in the flesh/world is vanity.

Our hope is in heaven, you can’t have heaven now.
* Romans 15:13

If your life is brimming with God than it is brimming with hope. Hope is not something that migh take place, it is something that is assured.

* 1 kings 8:56, 2 cor 1:20.
– Biblical hope is the certainty we have that Bods wernal purposes will me er be thwarted andhad all of his promises will come to pass and we to cling to this hope.

* heb 6:18 – It is impossible for God to lie, he is totally holy.
* psalms 115:3 – becaus god rules from his throne and no matter if appearances are to the contrary, he is slays in control.

* heb 10:23, 24,
Let us hold to fast To the confession of our hope.
Let us consider how to stir up one another.

* 1 Peter 1:8 – I have hope inthe midst of hard times, martydom, trials, scoffing, persecution.

Find out the story if the author of ‘why a friend we have in Jesus.’

Your trial is precious in Gods eyes.

Are you carrying your cross? Are you trying to minimize it’s load for your comfort? You are minimizing the glory of Christ’s reflection in your life for your personal comfort.


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