The Gospel with Mark and the Crew

First session of “What is the Gospel”.  Great start as we tackle the major outlining distinguishing factors of the gospel, and how actual gospel is separate from the response, or products of the gospel. 

What is the Gospel.  It is the beginning middle and end of our life, therefore it is utterly important to get it right.

There are two ends of the spectrum on mainstream understanding of the gospel.
1) God, Man Christ Response – 2) Creation, Fall, Redemption, Renewal

To be gospel centered has become “trendy”.  Is it possible to be too gospel centered?  No, however, some people will deny it because it’s trendy, and some people will dig it because it’s trendy.

1) God creates man, man screws up, man needs rescuing, can’t rescue himself so God steps in and sends Jesus.  We respond to God’s sending of Jesus.
2) God creates us for himself, we screw up.  God wants us back so he puts the redemption plan into action, and renews the elect into his original creation concept.

In mainstream Christianity, number one turns into a Christless gospel when it becomes about promoting morality.

You may define good works as the essence of the gospel, or you may define good works as an effect of the gospel.

☆ Romans 10:15 And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”
And what is the good news?  Is it the kingdom?  Is it the cross?  Is it the feeding of the hungry, the clothing of the naked, the healing of the sick, the loving of the unloved.  Is it the unmerited love of the Father, the un-hesitating obedience of the Son to the Father?  What about the painful mission of the Holy Spirit indwelling in the elect while on earth?

Conclusion:  The Gospel is Jesus, even before we have responded to him.  Although the effect of the gospel in our lives are typological reflections of the gospel.


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