Humble & Bold

Think about the two side by side.
of low social, administrative, or political rank.
Bold: so confident as to suggest a lack of shame or modesty

Humble & bold. That is Abraham.  Able, Noah, Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel…   Jesus.

Jesus.  The fire breathing avenger.  The prince of princes.  The son of the most high God.  Humble & bold.
Oh so
humble, as he takes off his crown, leaves his kingdom, and girds himself with peasant clothing.  He learns God’s law as a child, ets a job as a construction worker, and pursues a people that hate him.  He left his perfect kingdom to be ridiculed, spat on, slapped, and torn.  Whipped, broken and hung on a cross, all to save a wretched people that mound their sin up on him as he hangs before them bleeding from wounds making him unrecognizable. Wounds they inflicted.  And lo, I myself, lay up sins for him to bear, even while professing his love.
And he humbly accepts slander, taking a timeless world load of sin, of which one ounce would thrust us into eternal damnation.  And he says to his father the King of kings, “Father, forgive them.”  He loved the lowest of this world so much – he died, and bore the wrath of God, that the even the wicked, who he loved, would have a right to join him in the throne room to behold the spellbinding Glory of God to worship.

Yesterday the reality and power of the gospel gave me a little nudge.  But the reality and power of the gospel is so huge that the little nudge sent me flying!  I should pray right now.  Oh Father.  This is so good, I’m so thankful that you might uncover my eyes to see your glory this way.  Please abide in me.  I know that my flesh struggles in discomfort and I become forgetful of you wonder and grace.  Sustain me Lord PLEASE I pray.  My flesh makes a fire that burns bright but is consumed quickly.  But you oh King of kings, set a blaze to whatever you please and it burns for eternity.  PLEASE supply me with your fire so that the truth you’ve allowed in me STICKS and that I might share your glory by way of reflection.  I ask for this, not for my own glory, but for the glory of Jesus Christ,  I know that you want to do it!  You want to see me burn with passion for his light.  So what will stop you?  Nothing can stop the mighty hand of God. So I offer up my useless, and wretched body, to a mighty and gracious God.

Here’s the revelation, the thing that Dad allowed me to see, by  reflection of Tim Keller.  Humble, and bold.
Now, being a Christian means two things.

  1. I am humbled. In the face of the King’s Glory, I fall to my knees ☆Isaiah 6:5 pulling at my face in agony.  What hope have I before a God who is good.  What loophole can be found for me to pass through while the omniscient God of fire and galaxies stands in opposition of the sinful life that I walk, with wrath that could consume all of time in a breath, and a vengeance that requires justice from all.  Justice is a myth in my world.  A word used instead of comfort.  But under the hand of the King, justice is JUSTICE!  It is the punishment of all crimes against His perfect universal law, and the deliverance of the oppressed righteous, though they are as few as one.  Oh woe is me.  He who shakes the galaxies off of his hand like dust requires justice from me, and I have but sewage slime collected from my finger nails as my defense.  I have been like the moon – just dust in the cosmos black with darkness and useless.
  2. I am bold. But, in the sight of the King, as he looks at me he sees a white light.   He forgets the deprived, blemished, horned creature that I am, as my skin turns white & I begin to glow – reflecting the beauty and majesty of… His Perfect Son?  Yes!  Jesus Christ is my defense!  He has paid my debt and I stand JUSTIFIED before the unshakable King.  Like the moon, Though I was just compressed dust in the cosmos, my best and only work is not my own, it is to simply reflect the glory of the Son.  That is my hope for glory, and what a brilliant shining, eternal blessing of hope it is.  White with righteousness imputed in me by the son through sacrifice, I stand before the God of all and plead with him.  I no longer shrivel away, longing for darkness to hide myself.  Instead my stength is the muscle of Christ.  Muscle that has overcome ALL injustice!  So I stand and with boldness in Christ, plead for my friends, that they might stand with me.

In my boldness, I plead for my friends, that they might stand with me.

I feel like that is my only purpose left on earth…  to plead for my friends.
I’m feeling very happy right now.


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