People above all

* 1 Cor 13:4-3
Indicators we have agape love
1. We are patient, not kind, not envious
2. We are not inflated with it’s own important
3. We don’t insist on our own rights e.g. right of way
4. We dont flyinto a temper
5. We do to store up the memory of a wrong received
6. We delight withthe truth.

* 1 Cor 13:6 “(Love) rejoices in the truth”. Jesus says he is The Truth.
* John 8:32 & 36 Truth – you can’t mix truth and err
* 2 John 1, 2 & 6
Truth equals God revealed word.
What dies love always do?
1. Always proctects: doesn’t protect the sin, but the sinner.
2. Always trusts God & Others: If you don’t trust, you are always trying to control. God allows dissapointment – to remind you where you need to out your trust, if yourytustis elsewhere. You may be ignoring the packages of love, that might look like love that have been delivered to your doorstep.
* Gen 50:20 God is good all the time. Joseph continues to trust in God because he knows that God is good.
3. Alwas hopes and perseveres: “we will reap if we faint not”.
Fonally victory is not here but in glory for eternity. We can’t see what’s going on. We can’t be blaming things on the devil that might Gods hand of reprove.
* eph 3:16-17
Leave the driving to God, and love God for the whole Journey.


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