CRBC – Pastor Randy

Love is:

  • Of God.  The cheif attribute of his heart.
  • Effectual.  God’s love is able to fully blossom.
  • Freely given.  He has no need to give us love but simply because he wants to show love to us.
  • Patience.  An expression of love, so you can’t really love if you don’t express patience.  Christ and self can be patient event beyond the grave, which means we will be die before we receive some things.  The rich young ruler was loved by Jesus.  You can see the patience that Jesus had on people
  • Kind.  ☆ Eph 2:7.  As we have received undeserving, so we should give to the undeserving.  This is kindness☆ Jer 9:23-24
  • Not Proud.  The story of the cobbler?
  • Two Way Street.

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