What is the Church – Part 3

Thursday nights chilling with brother Mark and the family of faith.  Always great fellowship and always fantastic discussion.

Tonight we are studying What is the church? Part 3

See Mark’s BlogWhat is the Church – Part 3
Mark used this study guide, and Vintage Church as topic material.

☆ Eph 4:11-16 This is huge!

• The church builds itself up when it is working properly

☆ 1Pet 4:10 Every christian because they have received the Holy Spirit, has received a gift from the Holy Spirit to edify the church.  What we have – we are to use it to serve one another and as a steward.

☆ 1Cor 12:7 Go through the list of the gifts in ☆ Eph 4:11-16.  ☆ 1 Cor 12:8-10.  Everyone has something – every part is needed.  If you are a part of Christ – YOU ARE APART OF CHRIST!

Jason asks: You mentioned gifts that people can have – can a person have more than one gift. Mark answers with yes.  The Holy Spirit is “Organic” (word used reluctantly).  It is like the wind ☆ John 3:8.

Cessationism: There are those who believe that some Spiritual Gifts.
Continuism:  Others believe that all Spiritual gifts continue as preposed by the Spirit

☆ 1 Cor 1:1-2 Emphasizing the word sanctified.  Paul identifies the church as past tense sanctified (not undergoing sanctification).  He edifies that Paul recognizes the church IS pure by the covering blood of Jesus Christ. Which is interesting because sanctification is most often reflected as a process

☆ Eph 5:25-27 In one sense the church is pure and sanctified and conmpletely done.  In another sense the Holy Spirit is still sanctifying her.

• We must ask: Are we more or less pure with regard to the essential and ministries of the church? This pertains to both individuals in a local body AND the corporate church.

• Four questions to ask before leaving a church.

1. Have I expended all my options in the church. (has God released me from my current ministry, so that I can go somewhere else) ☆ Matt 18:15-20 (ref’d by Tony Teufel)
2. Will continued participation in the church
3. Do I have to compromise too much like essential doctrines and principals
4. Do have a legitimate reason for leaving.

• PURIFY: The purity of the church is its degree of freedom from wrong dotrine and conduct, and its degree of conformity to God’s revealed will for te church.

• UNITY: Affirming the unity of the church means arrirming that the church, which is endowed with oneness, pursues the goal of perfect unity by working diligently to maintain its unity

☆ John 17:20-23 This is a heavy verse.  Jesus is saying that we are to live in the power of this promise.  NOT living in despair that we aren’t yet complete (Benny McGrath).

☆ 1 John 3:2 …we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him…

• You can’t always be beating your head against the church; against the policies, or methods, or a person.  You can’t always be arguing AND be united

What divides churches? (NOTE: The church is not perfect but we are pursuing it so WE NEED TO BE HUMBLE)

• Heretics
• Pride
• Legalism
• Distrust
• Traditionalism (which I think is rooted in legalism)
• Too little and too much organization
• Founder disfunction
• Mission Loss
• Doing too much



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