Is this depression, or just a bad mood?

I have struggled this week with feeling glum.  I can’t really explain it so I won’t try too hard.  I’m getting quite annoyed by it.  I have no appreciation of feeling sad for no reason at all.  Except possibly for the cool sounding songs that can be written… but that’s all.

The point in mentioning it is simply to keep a record that this does happen.  As far as I can tell, this sadness is beyond reason.  Surely there are plenty of things to be sad about – but they are far outweighed by the great things to be happy about.

So let it be a lesson to me when I am relating with someone who just seems glum.  The answer is not always a problem that needs to be fixed.  Rather it is a season that needs to be endured with all patience and love.  Tended to with care and sensitive regard.

I have appreciated my wife’s response to my gloominess this week which is simply I will love and support you aways, but this mood will go just as quickly as it came so I don’t really care to pay much attention to it.  Remember who comes first!
That’s great!  I must remember who comes first – God, and who comes second – others!  The season I am in should not effect my relationship adversely, rather an opportunity to edify them through the refinement of adversity.

Thank you Dad.  You are so gracious with me.  I find myself in the flesh all day.  You graciously accept my confession and remind me that you have the end in sight!  Thank you for the people in my life who are a constant encouragement to persevere!

Love you!


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