So far Colossians is really challenging me in two major points.
1) To take a life devoted to worship seriously!
2) To take prayer seriously!

☆ 1:9 Paul actually says we have not ceased to pray for you talking about the Colossians. So I thought I would comment and say – that’s a huge call! Paul is a busy man! By saying that he hasn’t ceased praying for them, he is either lying, or he spends a lot of time praying!

Surely this is a huge indicator of the importance of prayer.  This verse inspires me to spend more time in prayer.

☆ 1:12 Just a cool hint that is is the Father who qualifies us to shre in the inheritance, not the good that is in our hearts, nor the merit of our own virtues.

☆ 1:16 Talking about Christ, scripture says everything was created by him, through him and for him.  This is a very extensive and tough word when considered in depth.
This scripture leaves nothing in creation unaccounted for, and seems to target the spiritual world. Visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities.
This verse is saying that everything was created for Christ’s glory. Including the devil & his angels and any other minister of evil…  Really tough to deal with.
Overall, this just underlines the true meaning od diety.  God is God!  He is worthy of worship.  He loves us and we are overwhelmed with thanks.

☆ 3:9 DIE TO IT! As Christian’s we claim to love God – and to live in the Spirit, under repentance. Sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desires, and covetousness, which is idolatry; On account of these the wrath of God is coming. We can’t love God, and love the things that stoke his wrath at the same time – so we must walk away!

☆ 3:13-15 We are called to have constant fellowship with other saints.  I hear it questioned all the time but scriptures like this make it so obvious that a church is purposed to be together both in mind/heart, and in physical presence.
The verse asks us to bear with each other, and it is impossible to do this if you avoid those who we feel don’t meet our standard of social interest.  (Does it imply (maybe to a degree) that we ought to pursue each other?)  Forgiving each other.
The point is that we are to love each other which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Love is the top and the bottom.  It’s the substance that all good things are made of.

☆ 3:16 Apart of, and maybe even a great contributor to our continuation in love to do these things; teaching, admonishing in wisdom, singing together and to each other.  Singing instills thankfulness and singing is a natural reaction to thankfulness.

☆ 3:17 Submit every word, thought and deed! Everything is worship.  Everything in the name of Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him!  The context is unifying as a church.  The implication is that a church will come together when pursuing and encouraging a thankful atmosphere.  I am thankful for my family in faith.  I am thankful for each ones gifts.  I am thankful for the time we get to share.  I am thankful for each person – etc.

☆ 3:23-25 Worship God – even in your job!  Don’t try and give your boss what he deserves – that’s God’s job! We are living sacrifices, in submission and love we offer every moment up to our Holy God, Heavenly Dad, and Saviour.  23 hours a day would not be enough to fully honour God’s worthiness.
The point is that we don’t separate times of the day – some time for work, some time for family, some time for God.  All time is for God!  When I spend time with my family, I do so in adoration of God first and then secondly in adoration of my family.  The same applies to my time at work.  I work dilligently first in honour and love of my Heavenly Dad, secondly because I care about my work (or I just care about keeping my job).
It is by God that I receive my work, by God that I continue in my work, and by God that all my needs are met.  It’s God who allows my work to finish and God who supplies ALL my needs.  God does not supply my spiritual needs, leaving me to supply my physical needs.
It’s  by God that I receive everything in my life, so then it is to God that I give everything in my life.

☆ 4:2-3 Prayer must be pretty important if the apostles are asking the congregation to pray for them.  Paul eludes that prayer makes a difference.  One chapter ago he was rep-remanding the church for their sin, now he is asking them to pray for him.  His request is supported by that God may open a door for word, to declare the mystery of Christ.  We must pray.
Colossians is really teaching me about the importance of prayer!

☆ 4:4 Asking for prayer, Paul kind of gives us a little insight into his unique character.  From this verse and others, I’m getting the impression that Paul is naturally a little bit awkward in speech.  Maybe a little difficult to understand, maybe he has a hard time trying to say what he means?
This is very encouraging to me!  I am very nervous about my speech.  Although I feel like I can be quite concise when writing, I think I can really miss the plot when trying to speak out loud.

☆ 4:5-6 What does it mean to be seasoned with salt? I don’t know!  So I am going to do some research right now.
Okay success!  Just looked at a handful of commentaries relating to verse 6.  Seasoned with salt just seems to be a simple metaphor.  If something is metaphorically seasoned with salt, it is made pleasant or more attractive.


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