Just a quick journal.  I have almost no time today.

Yesterday I recognized that I am followin a pattern of depression.  I realized that I am being caught up in self puty and self condemnation.  I can feel the gentle slope of self value turning into a harsh dip.  Even as I was realizing this last night I found it very difficult to resist.  It feels like I am holding up tons of water – the water is all of my insecurities and self accusations – the water has become so heavy that either I will collapse beneath it or the skin that contains the water will burst.  Either way, I feel that I will inevitably get very wet.

I do have hope!  It would not be denial or just positive thinking to relect on the joy of my salvation.  My hope is in Christ! My hope is in Christ who loves me and whose grace is sufficient for me.

Jesus.  I do lift up my anxiety to you.  Thank you for the everlasting joy that I have in you!

Lifting up justified hands – I thank YOU!  You are all I need


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