My emotion

Praise the Lord!  I would call this, an answered prayer!  I’m not sure how long I’ve been praying for Beth (my sister), probably somewhere between 2 years and 6 months.  I’ve been praying in large for a heavy conviction to fall on her.  That she might blossom in repentance and find re-ignition in her passion for worshipping the true God whom we are found by Christ.
She is on fire!  I’m stoked!  She’s in Australia and I am in Canada but we’ve had a couple of long convo’s via FB and Skype.

Thank you Father, for the miracle worked in my sister!  And thanks for allowing us to use technology tha helps me share in her moment and mentor her through spiritual growth/discipleship.

In other news, I think it’s funny the things God has me learning about myself while I wait for a chance to speak with Stan.
I’m hanging out to speak with Stan because I’m getting strong impressions, or I ‘feel like’ the time is coming up fast now to get this ball rolling – speaking of me getting into full-time ministry, and more specifically doing an internship with Stan.

I say that I think it’s funny because I’m noticing a pattern in my emotions that effect my attitude regarding internship.  My emotion toward the internship seems to carry every two weeks, consistently, in a wave shape.  \_/ˆ\_/^…  For two weeks I will be on the way up!  Increasing in passion and confidence regarding my calling to ministry and to CR.  I feel the Holy Spirit laying up burdens for the lost and weak, and filling my mouth with the gospel!
Then, for two weeks, my confidence is stifled and slowly, consistently descends as I realize my weakness and my overwhelming need for God’s grace!
It’s important to note that from the crest of the wave to the trough, some things remain steadfast.
  1. God is Holy and he is loving!  He is to be feared and his grace is sufficient for my need.
  2. No sin is acceptable.  Jesus died for my sin.  He did not come to tolerate sin, but to overcome it.  When I find myself in sin I must retreat and repent! I must stay devoted to the mission/ministry God has appointed to me right now.  Family Neighbourhood JRY
Well it’s 8:25 am and I hav to go get ready for work.
Thank you Jesus for your grace!

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