WOW!  Philippians is FANTASTIC!  What a wonderful reminder that we are to be looking up, having our eyes focused on the day of Christ.  In Philippians I have learned the utter importance of making our eternal hope the centre of our motivation and drive, rather than the earthly or perishing.  Paul even speaks about a secret that helps him face everything in confidence.  My speculation is that the secret is a life completely persuaded/distracted by the reward of eternal glory – that everything else becomes a blur because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ

☆ 1:6 He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. This is a very encouraging!  What is the good work Dad has begun in me:

  • My salvation and sanctification.
  • My witness and ministry to my neighbors
  • Maybe even my family?

In the following verse, Paul clarifies that the qualifiers for this promose are those who are partakers of grace with him.

☆ 1:21-24 For me to live is Christ and to die is gain. Haha!  This is great!  Paul goes on to say that he can’t figure out what he wants more:  To die and go home. Or to live and seve the church in growth of jy and faith.  I can partially relate to this, although I think there is a deeper, secret element to understanding this concept in full.  I think the deepest understanding of this concept may be the secret
spoken of in ☆ Phil 4:12.

☆ 1:27 Paul makes clear that regardless of who is around (apostle, elder deacon, congregant or unbeleiver) we should always behave in a way that maintains a reputation of one Spirit, of one mind, striving side by side for the faith of the gospel. He goes on in the next verse to tell us to be afraid of no-one or anything coming from our opponents.

☆2:3-8 Don’t ever try to get back at each other.  Consider others more significant than yourselves. Remember Jesus, our saviour, humbled himself even down to the constraints of humanity despite his true place in diety.  Jesus has given us the perfect and fullest example of self-last.  Even to a point that we, as fallen humanity could not even achieve if we wanted to.
Now look at how the Father has glorified the Son.  This speaks of God’s love and respect for humility.  Therefore, there is no shame in putting others ahead of yourself, but instead – great glory.

☆ 2:12 Workout your own salcation with fear and trembling. This is a great verse for bringing me back in line!
Why does it say fear and trembling?  I would plea; because our salvation is in the heart of a Holy and righteous King!  This verse implies that we are not to assume anything. But rather seek with a zealous fear of falling short of the requirements of the law of Faith.

☆ 2:14-15 Do all things without grumbling or questioning. Paul goes on to explain how this stands as a witness to the unsaved.  Our contentment as children of God separates us from the crooked (thus; plenty worth complaining about) world.
I do find it interesting, the use of the qoed ‘questioning’.  The greek word dialogismos can give us a little more insight.  In the true sense of the ord it means to start arguements, debates, reasonings, speculations, and with a connotation of pulling points out of your imagination.

☆ 3:7-10 Whatever gain I had, I counted as loss for the sake of Christ… because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ. In the light of Christ, everything else loses significance.  Example:


  1. Healing. Praise the Lord.  He wills me to continue in ministry
  2. Death is near. Praise the Lord.  My ministry in complete and Dad is calling me to my perfect home with him.
  3. Long Suffering. Much more difficult to face, however; Praise the Lord.  He has honoured me with a ministry of high calling.  He has entrusted me with much and I consider it a privlege to show the Lord’s love and greatness by offering unceasing praise throughout this trial.


  1. Promotion. Praise the Lord.  He has entrusted to me more responsibility over the stewardship of His authority.
  2. Long Suffering. Praise the Lord.  He has my Character under construction.  Through this trial, he will be glorified, I will grow in faith and others will see an example of his love for me , and my love for him.
  3. Fired. Praise the Lord.  He desires for me a new route.

Haha.  This aimplies costant happiness without any hint of depression, dispair or even sadness.  This verse does not call us to refuse, deny or ignore sadness that any trial may incure.  It does call us to use our sadness as a reminder.  Sadness can be used to remind us of what truely long for, we are reminded of our hope.
Sadness: Feeling of dissapointment or depression because something has failed, or something feels incomplete.
Reminder: Sadness is layered.  The first layer is the initial problem, or face-to-face issue.  the deeper layer is always our fallen world.
True Longing: We long for completion in Christ.

☆ 3:7-8 I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. Thank you Paul for putting things into perspective.  The weight of the world maty be heavy, but the weight of the glory of God is so much heavier!

☆ 3:12-14 Paul gives us another great example of having our desires focused on the eternal goal, not a perishing one.
He also emphasizes the efoort and energy given to the cause, calling us to strive with vigour.

☆ 3:20 Our citizenship is in heaven. We are aliens, representing our homeland and we do so with patriotic pride and dillegence.  Hoping to bring as many as we can back to our abundant native land to share in the glory of the King in his  Kingdom.

☆ 4:9 Paul is super confident in his witness, because he submits all to the Spirit.  this is where I want to be!

☆ 4:9 claims that he has learned the secret of facing everything with confidence.  I think the secret also helps him have confidence for 4L9 too.  I think the secret can be found in ☆ 3:7-8

☆ 4:15-19 GIVING! Again Paul is talking about money!  He even uses the word partnership in the financial sense (like a TV evangelist).  Haha – it’s biblical!


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