Starting again

Yesterday Maggie let me know that he had gone through some of my old journals.  She said it was very interesting and it helped her to understand somethings about my past in a new light.  And that it helped her to understand the process I use to get through trails.

Hearing her reflection on my growth and how it evolved convinced me to keep a consistent journal again.  I think it’s been about 3 or 4 years since keeping a consistent journal.

In the word, I am reading through the gospels in order.  At the moment I am in John and have just finished chapter 17.  Jesus is trying to explain to the disciples (minus Judas Iscariot) that He will be going away.  But he’ll be back and when he comes back he’ll bring the helper.

He also talks a fair bit on the elect, and in addition to the elect, those who believe in him with their words, (John 17:20)

Life group is at Ryan and Morgans Schlesinger’s.  We are currently going over the sermon topic ever sunday.  We’re based in 1John.  So far the resounding theme is: An authentic Christian loves God.  To love God is to abide in Him, to abide in him is to love each other and to loeave sin behind. An authentic Christian can’t serve sin and God.

Prayer?  Yes please! For some crazy reason my new thing to be completely distracted by is the possibility of a career in full time ministry.  Although it’s always been something that I had imagined myself doing eventually, it has been from about september that the feeling grows and grows.
It really begun with me giving more energy into being consistent with devotional tome.  As I became more thirsty for God, I have felt more:
1) Completely repelled by the advertising industry and all its gremlins
2) Completely compelled to invest more and more time and energy into winning the lost for Christ and developing a sound doctrine to live by.

All of this has seemed to increase since Stan Parker told me that Jon Kornelson (CRBC Youth Intern) would be leaving to work full time in Kamloops.  All the while giving me the impression that there is work to be done and now one less person to do it…

God, I want to be completely submitted to our will.  You know my heart, you know my purpose. At this seeming fork in the road, please stregthen me in the Spirit, so that I would not be tempted to follow my own ambition, but instead always follow the path that you’ve laid out for me.  Regardless of that it might bring.

I love you Lord, please keep me as I seek you.


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